Sunday, February 19, 2012

Gett"ink" There

Joel had his fifth sitting with Hawk this weekend to add more color to his sleeve. We weren't sure what Hawk was going to tackle this time around and when he asked us blossoms or koi, I said, "KOI!" They both chuckled a little then started to talk about color schemes. One more sitting in late April should finish off the sleeve, can't wait to see it complete.

Just getting started, decided to add color to the fish this time around.


With time on my hands I found other things to photograph. I love the lines that bikes have to offer and this one just seemed to be posing for me.

Wow! Really starting to come together.

Orange and black mottled for this koi.

This one will eventually have some gold on it too but the red fading to orange are the color choices for this koi.