Monday, March 28, 2011

Polishing My Skills

I took a class a month or so ago and wasn't really satisfied with it so when I saw a Photography Workshop called Capturing True Emotions come through on my Groupon deals I pounced. It consisted of a 4 hour presentation/seminar/class followed by a 2 hour photo safari at the zoo. This class is probably not for you professionals out there (unless you are looking for a good review) but if you amateurs want a very comprehensive, overview of your camera and how to use it, this class is perfect. I have been self-teaching my way through this photography thing so it was some review but it was a great review! Nice to realize that you are on the right path and haven't been making too many mistakes. Touch on the basic concepts, how to get your camera to do them, then how to use them to your advantage when photographing was how the day went. Plus they threw in a ton of hints, tips and tricks that they have learned along the way. Easily remembered catch phrases and acronyms were also used to drive the concepts deep into my brain. The instructors, Val Westover and Stephanie Adriana are amazing and very talented people that shared their talents and wisdom without hesitation. Then having them tag along beside us all on the safari to help us practice was just icing on the cake. I see a lot of practicing what I learned today in my future. I have about 16 pictures from today that I really like, hope you enjoy them too.

Playing with ISO in the banquet room.

My favorite of the day...

Saturday, March 05, 2011

Shores of Columbia

We took advantage of the little bit of sun peeking through the clouds and headed down to the banks of the Columbia River. It's been running a bit high lately due to the snow melting and copious amounts of rainfall and we wanted to check it out. There was not as much shore to play on as there is in the summer but the boys still managed to have a good time.

Oliver climbing on a large piece of driftwood.

Hey! I know that guy.

My Eldest

Shep got to tag along too.

Stick Assisted Jump

Boy giving his dog some love.

Love You Noah

Love You Too Oliver

Totally cracking up at this picture. I have quite a few pictures of them with goofy fake smiles. So much for asking them to smile!

The river was very calm today.

Hello Sunshine!

Can't really complain about where we live, it's beautiful!