Sunday, December 25, 2011

Belt Promotions

Both of our boys have been working very hard in karate. Joel and I are impressed with the school they attend and love the program. The belts at Kanthak Karate are hard to earn, it's not just about learning the moves. You have to put in time, learn the moves, conduct yourself properly at the school, at home and in school. Karate instructors, parents, teachers and anyone else that we feel necessary must sign off on their belt advancement forms. The belts are earned and the belts can be and have been taken away. They work very hard and are very proud when they earn those belt advancements. Both boys earned one this time around and got to show them off at the Kanthak Karate Winter All School Demonstration.
After 4 years of hard work, Noah has earned his Junior Blue Belt. It is so much fun to watch him now and see how far he has come. He is also starting to show interest in and get the opportunity to teach parts of the class.

Proud students!

Noah and his friend, Zach.
Oliver, started in February and has earned himself a White w/Orange Stripe belt.

Another proud class! My goodness they are cute!
The boys with Mr. B following the demonstration.

The boys with Mr. K.

I Tried to Ignore Eleven

I was a bit in denial about Noah turning eleven, maybe even more than I suspected. Here is what Noah wanted for his birthday, no party a trip to the beach with a friend or two, no gifts just his PSP repaired, no cake just his Mom's spice cookies. Here is what happened no party and we tried to plan a trip to the beach but the van broke down, karate demonstrations, holidays, etc. meant that the trip kept getting pushed down the priority list and it still hasn't happened. We didn't buy him any gifts but we did send his PSP to a guy that did a great job repairing his gaming system. I thought it was going to be more than it was and had planned on putting the money that Aunt Nana had given me to buy a gift for him towards the repairs. I completely forgot about the money from my sister and didn't get him another gift (don't worry I will eventually) AND a check from grandparents got lost in the mail. The kiddo didn't want a cake because he really likes my spice cookies and that, thank goodness worked out just fine. I'm beginning to wonder if I was somehow sabotaging the poor kids birthday because I really don't want him getting older. Luckily, my boy is a good kid and has taken it all in stride, he knows it will all work out. Happy Birthday my sweet Noah, I love you.
Playing his newly repaired gaming system.

Look at that! Working like a champ and he can play his new favorite game!

His favorite cookies...mmmm.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Oliver's Party

Noah has had a couple of birthday parties at Kanthak Karate so when Oliver realized that he was finally able to have a party there now it was game on! Mr. K keeps the kiddos busy throughout the entire party and they get to do fun things like tag, ropes, avoid the sword, etc. and they also get to learn, in a fun way, all about stranger danger. Ollie had a pretty good turnout for his party and had a ton of fun with his friends.

Keeping with the theme I made Ninjabread Men Rice Krispie Treats.

Getting to know the kids and running them through the warm-up.

Not happy at all is he?

That's one way to avoid the sword!

A little bit of rope play.

Nice form!

TAG! You're it.

Kenny got into the action too when they brought out the pads for jumping.

Oliver and Mr. K leading the class in the singing of Happy Birthday.