Thursday, December 22, 2011

Oliver's Party

Noah has had a couple of birthday parties at Kanthak Karate so when Oliver realized that he was finally able to have a party there now it was game on! Mr. K keeps the kiddos busy throughout the entire party and they get to do fun things like tag, ropes, avoid the sword, etc. and they also get to learn, in a fun way, all about stranger danger. Ollie had a pretty good turnout for his party and had a ton of fun with his friends.

Keeping with the theme I made Ninjabread Men Rice Krispie Treats.

Getting to know the kids and running them through the warm-up.

Not happy at all is he?

That's one way to avoid the sword!

A little bit of rope play.

Nice form!

TAG! You're it.

Kenny got into the action too when they brought out the pads for jumping.

Oliver and Mr. K leading the class in the singing of Happy Birthday.

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