Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Don't know if you heard but being 6 is AWESOME! Just ask Oliver, he'll tell you. Not even a gusher of a bloody nose can bring this boy down. Say, "Happy Birthday!" a thousand times and he'll flash you that smile and thank you every single time - he can't get enough! It's been a pretty quiet and low key day but we made it special for him by doing little (and not so healthy) things for him. He woke up to a balloon and a box of his favorite cereal, Lucky Charms. Dad brought him and his class some donuts, glazed raised from Dots, for snack time and he got to pick where he wanted to have dinner. A little bit of ice cream after some playing with the new toys and games and we'll call it a night. He invited a ton of his friends to his party on Friday night so I'm pretty sure I will have a few more pictures to post then.
Oh Yeah! A new Wii game from Cousin Trevor!

Hexbug: Larvae - cool and creepy!

Headphones because his were recently broken.

R2D2 Operation?!?!
New Lego Ninjago alarm if he didn't already wake up happy enough, he now gets to wallop a ninja on the head to get him to stop making noises before he even gets out of bed! Thanks Grandma Ricki!