Wednesday, June 27, 2007

A Moment

It didn't last long and they may have thought that no one was looking but mom saw it and captured it on film. The image had already permanently lodged itself into my heart and mind, so for me no film was needed, but now I can share it with you.

Noah, Show Me...


Bravo! Bravo Noah! Well done my son!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Because my sister and her husband aren't busy enough already, they both have project cars and entered them into a car show this weekend. My sister won best convertible with her totally cute '63 Falcon and Ron didn't win anything but took his '63 Fairlane, which he is turning into a race car, along. Their friend, Dave, won best un-restored for his '63 Comet Wagon that is parked behind Ron's car in the second picture. Shana said that Ron's car got lots of talk which I am sure upset him - not!


For all of you who grew up in the 80's or had kids in the 80's I need not define who or what the Transformers are. Well, they are making a comeback and Noah can't wait to see the movie. So much so that he bought this voice changer Optimus Prime helmet with his allowance. Since it's brothers new toy Oliver had to try it out. Luckily, when Noah saw the picture of Ollie with this on his head he just thought it was funny and called him "Olivus Prime!"

Thursday, June 21, 2007

GrandBob is On The Air

We got an email from GrandBob this morning that he is hosting a new radio show, here is an excerpt from his email:

As always I am into something new. Through KTOX I am now involved with Bounce Radio ( an Internet radio station. My show runs each Friday evening from 5 to 6 our time.
This morning I am on assisting our lady in London, Foxxy, get her show Breakfast with Foxxy launched (6 to 9 AM our time). Anywho, Bounce also runs Dave’s (owner of KTOX) morning show, Don’t Start Me Talking, from 9 to noon (our time). Next week I will be taking over the reins from Dave for four days (Thursday/Friday then Monday/Tuesday). So if you would like to hear GrandBob make a fool out of himself tune in to , politics, music, and lord only knows what else. Bounce plays some great music throughout the day and night – lots of new unsigned bands.

GrandBob is a very talented radio personality and has the perfect voice for it too. I encourage everyone to check out his stuff. I will add the Bounce Radio link to my list!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Kindergarten Grad!



Today was Noah's kindergarten graduation ceremonies. Yes, it may seem a bit silly to have such a thing but that's only if you aren't a proud parent. Each child was called up and Mrs. Kutch listed off some of their accomplishments and said a little something about "her kids." Noah has excelled this year and is more than ready for first grade. The kids, throughout the year, were asked to write in their math journals. Noah won an award for writing to the highest number. He was also recognized for winning the counting to 100 (or beyond) award, reading the 100 word list, becoming a super citizen (manners award), etc. We were truly blessed to start off Noah's schooling in a great school with a great teacher.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Nice to Meet You

Oliver has been practicing his nice to meet you greeting lately. Of course, being an 19 month old we have to shake his hand and say, "nice to meet you" at least ten times before the game is over. By the way, thanks for the new shirt gammy!


Noah is reading the Captain Underpants chapter books. In the books are sections called Flip-O-Rama. You flip back and forth really fast to see the action. Noah asked, very politely I might add, that I add his armpit fart Flip-O-Rama to our blog. Since you can't flip the pages back and forth Noah suggested scrolling up and down really fast. Hey, at least he's good for a laugh!

Monday, June 18, 2007

Milestones All Around!



Wow, we have gotten a few emails lately from family with big news all around, or at least big news for me. The Montee family has a new member named "Mack". He is an adorable German Shepherd puppy. Yesterday was his first night with them so I'm waiting to hear how it went. Follow my link to Su's blog to see a cute picture of him with his new big sister Bre. As you can see above Trevor also got a new friend. He's been wanting a cat that he can touch because their current cat, Lightning, wasn't having that. They gave in yesterday and got a kitty. Trev wanted to name him after a race car driver and a couple names thrown out became "Ernie Leonard" - we haven't heard the final name verdict yet so we'll keep you posted. The second picture is of Trevor without any training wheels! We also got a picture of Ron riding w/o training wheels but for some reason that one wasn't as cute. Thanks for all of the updates family! Love you all!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Not My Kids but I Love Them Just the Same!

Jackson and Mackenzie both graduated from a wonderful pre-school program today. It's the same school that Noah graduated from last year. My mom came over and watched Oliver today so that I could go and help celebrate this great moment! It's strange to think that I won't be heading over to pick any kids up next fall...or at least not for a couple more years then it will be Oliver's turn. Here's to you Kenz and Jaxy - Class of 2020!

Jackson waiting to march into the sanctuary.

Mackenzie getting her diploma from Mrs. Haugen.

Getting Bigger

Oliver trying to hug Noah - Noah trying to block said hug!
I stood back this morning, looked at my boys sitting on the couch and realized that they had both grown - again! They are fun to be around (usually) and I'm glad that I can stay home with them and watch them grow. Noah is a smart kid and that can get me into trouble sometimes. He started to give the birds and the bees talk to his friend Jackson the other day and I had to stop him and explain that it would probably be better for Jackson's mom and dad to explain that whole process to him and not his best friend. Noah reluctantly agreed but just didn't understand what the big deal was. I'm wondering now what bedtime story Jackson got that night. Noah has also recently discovered that when you turn on your bike, you and your bike will naturally lean into the turn. He has been testing this theory and it's limits on a daily basis. Just last night he left two road rash trails in front of our house. He has managed to keep the road rash off of his face thus far but has it everywhere else. Next Wednesday, the 20th, Noah will graduate from Kindergarten! He is very excited for the summer to start but says he will miss his classmates and teacher. This school year has flown by!
Oliver is, well he's Oliver. He can be the most frustrating little being on the planet one minute and then turn around and be the most adorable boy you've ever met. Joel put it nicely the other night when he said, "Oliver you are the single most annoying person that I've ever had the pleasure of meeting." That truly says it all. He is getting taller and smarter everyday. I really can't believe how much he is talking. I don't remember Noah talking this much until he was a bit older. But you have to pay attention because when he says, "catch!" he means right now! Not in a minute or not lets go out and play catch, it means catch now. Whatever he has is headed your way and you better have quick reflexes. Oliver's favorite thing, still, is to just be with his brother. I can't remember where we were the other day but Noah and Oliver were in front of Joel and I. They were walking along holding hands. Noah felt proud and responsible, Oliver felt loved and in awe of Noah and I felt like running for the camera to capture the moment! Instead I just proudly admired the sight and held back a tear or two. Anyway, that's just a couple of things going on around here. Hope all is well in your neck of the woods.

Thursday, June 07, 2007


This is a conversation, of sorts, that I had with Noah a while back. I still find myself laughing at it so I thought I would share, it went something like this:

Noah: I think koalas are really cute.

Mom: I do too.

Noah: Can we get one someday?

Mom: No, we wouldn't be able to take care of it properly, especially since eucalyptus leaves are it's favorite food.

Noah: They eat leaves? I didn't know that, but we could play with it and pet it and take it places with us.

Mom: You know Noah, even though koalas are cute they actually are very very mean and would probably bite you.

Noah: Why would they bite me? Could I throw them a ball?

Mom: Why would you throw a koala a ball?

Noah: So we could play fetch! (Noah is getting a bit frustrated at this point.)

Mom: Koalas don't like to play fetch.

Noah: They eat leaves, don't like to play fetch....well, could it sleep in my room with me like Buddy does sometimes?

Mom: Why would you want a mean animal to sleep in your room with you? They would rather sleep in a tree?

Noah: A tree!?! Koalas don't sleep in trees!

Mom: Yes they do.

Noah: No they don't! And yes they do like playing fetch and sleeping with me!

Mom: Noah, I'm not trying to be mean, I'm just trying to teach you a little bit about koalas and trust me, you wouldn't want one as a pet.

Noah: Other people have Koala's as pets, I've seen them!

Mom: Are we talking about the same thing? (I'm getting frustrated now.)

Noah: Yes, the koala DOGS that ARE cute, DON'T eat leaves and LIKE to play fetch.

Mom: OHHHH, you mean a chihuahua.

Noah: Yes, that is what I said the first time a chi-Wa-La

Mom: Yes, Noah a chi-wa-la would make a fine pet.

Noah: Why are you laughing? It's not funny!!

Mom: Yes, it really is.

Noah: So can we get one?

Tuesday, June 05, 2007


Noah and Jackson, "we were being careful while we were wrestling but Noah's tooth still got knocked out! He's bleeding A LOT and we can't find the tooth!" That is how the conversation started and Noah was appalled that I was questioning the wrestling part and getting him a cold washcloth for his mouth instead of immediately finding his tooth. I informed him that I was not going to dig through the piles of Hot Wheels and Ben 10 toys to find a bloody tooth. Again the boy was not happy with my behavior but agreed that him and Jackson should be the ones to find it since they are the ones that caused it to fly from his mouth. Don't worry, the tooth was on it's way to falling out anyway, they just sped up the process. So instead of just putting something special under a boy's pillow tonight, I will also be removing a stain from a pair of khaki pants. Yes, the tooth was found and proudly brought out to be put in a safe spot. By the way, Noah doesn't like this picture because it's not gross're welcome.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

First Haircut!




Oliver was treated to his first haircut by our good friend and neighbor Cherie. He did great for her and sat pretty still throughout the entire cut. It's amazing how much older he looks without all the flyaway baby hair all over his head.

Variety Show at Illahee

Noah's school had a PTA sponsored variety/talent show for the kids to perform in. Mrs. Kutch taught her kids how to sing and sign a song "A your Adorable" and entered them in the show. Noah is on the left side (looking at the stage) in his orange polo shirt. The bottom picture is when the class was done with their song and they were signing/spelling "t-h-e e-n-d, the end" I told Joel when we left that it was a show that was incredibly cute and incredibly painful all at the same time. There were 40 acts entered in the show. We were very proud of Noah for getting up in front of so many people and singing with his class. He says he is going to sing the Veggie Tales theme song next year.

Friday, June 01, 2007

The "Needs" Game

There is this new game, for lack of better words, out there in which you go to and type in your name followed by the words "needs" and then see what comes up. I've got a couple of friends who have done this and posted to their blogs. Some of them are pretty funny so I decided to give into peer pressure and do the Johnson Needs List. Try it for yourself and tell me what your needs are. I only listed the first six needs that popped up...

  • ...your help
  • live with a family until he is old enough to look after himself
  • quit smoking that stuff
  • ...a tuba artist (I don't know but it sounds interesting)
  • stop working out his neck
  • come away from the desk and come over here (amen!)


  • go back to being pregnant and funny (no way is that going to happen)
  • and support (who doesn't)
  • ...bigger breasts (shouldn't this be under Joel's needs?)
  • ...more fans
  • developing her academic and social skills
  • ...a family who will challenge her to her fullest potential (I already have enough challenges)


  • ...a permit (for what?)
  • stop by my place to pick up me and the dogs
  • ...a sound beatin!! (now what did he do?)
  • ...foster homes for moms and nursing kittens
  • ...a haircut (not quite yet)
  • ark


  • ...a spanking (apparently my boys aren't behaving well)
  • ...hearing aids (they must know that he's a toddler)
  • ...more
  • ...a new home (just might get one if we move)
  • accept that no one is self-sufficient all the time (again they know he's a toddler!)

So there you have it, the needs of the Johnson family. Just go Google your needs, you know you want to!

Father's Day Party at School

A Proud Dad and His Son
Today was the day that Noah's kindergarten class had their party for Father's Day. Joel came home with a ton of projects/gifts and a big smile on his face. They sang for the dad's, they gave them gifts and had a snack. Fun!