Sunday, January 30, 2011

Joel's Turn for Ink

Joel has been wanting a tattoo for some time now and once I got mine he decided it was time to get his done too. Problem was he was having a hard time deciding what to get. Joel and I have also discussed getting complimentary tattoos since I really don't like wearing jewelry...including my wedding ring. Anyone that knows me knows that I rarely wear my ring. So Joel did some research and found that the dragon and phoenix are yin and yang in Chinese culture. He showed me some artwork that he found and I fell in love with it, so that is what he decided to get first. He got the dragon yesterday and I will be going in next Saturday to get the phoenix. Anyone want to come hang out and watch? Jacob at Sovereign Tattoo did a great job on Joel's new ink and Joel loves it!

Jacob placing the stencil on Joel.

Starting on the outline.

Playing with my camera and angles.

Outline done and looking great!
Shading comes next.

Jacob working hard.

Dragon head, I love the touch of red in the tattoo.

Joel checking out the finished tat.

Nothing like new ink!
Thank you Jacob!

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