Thursday, February 24, 2011


Okay, so our weathermen around here love to OVER-predict the snow. Our two solid days of non-stop snow that will cripple our city turned into about an hours worth of snowfall and a couple of inches that is melting fast. Never the less, the kids in this neighborhood come out in herds to play in the snow.

Once I caught up to the boys and knew what the plan was, I went back home and grabbed Shep so he could play in the snow too.

Noah helped with the dog walking. Of course that meant I was holding gloves and a sled. Makes it more difficult to get good pictures!

Informed me today that he likes it cold and snowy OR hot and sunny. Apparently, you can't sled or swim in the rain...I bed to differ!

My Noah

Oliver playing chase with Shep.

Noah trying to make the biggest snowball in the park.

Oliver "helping" with the largest snowball in the park.

My Snow Angel

Before the snowball got big and dirty.

After a wipeout, letting us know he was fine.

He has the best expressions.

Brotherly love.
Nothing like a snowball to the back of the head.

Path through the park.

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