Tuesday, September 06, 2011


Today was a big day...BOTH boys started school. Okay, technically, school started last Wednesday but we were on our annual family camping trip. Anyway, Noah started 5th, yes 5th if you can believe that? And Oliver, he started Kindergarten today. The time really has flown by! Oliver was so excited this morning he could barely sit or stand still. It's a first for me too, I have no kiddos at home and I am wondering how I am going to handle that. So far I've dropped off a huge bag of school supplies, stopped for a coffee, ran to Target and am now working on this here blog post. So far, so good! Oh, if you'd like to see a ton of pictures from our camping trip, check out my facebook page by clicking here or here, that will take you to the two albums I created. Report back later for a recap of their first day!

Good morning boys!!

Speaking of firsts, this boy lost his first tooth last night. It's a big week for this guy! He asked the tooth fairy for $33 or a nickel. Nickel it is!!

Love that he is looking up to his big brother!

Can't stand still, so excited and wants to know, "Where is that bus!?!"

Not quite as excited as his little brother. He is really looking grown up to me these days.

Nope, still not standing still.

"YEAH!!!! The bus is here!!"

On goes my Noah

And there goes my Ollie-Al

There they go...now what do I do?


The Pyryt Nest said...

You meet me for pie and coffee at Bipartisan and we go for lots of hikes!

Suz... said...

How was the first day??? And those days after? Hope they are liking their teachers/classes!