Monday, October 29, 2012

Vacation:How it All Started

My boy, Noah, he will be turning 12 on 12/12/12. For years now, we've been promising to do something big and take a trip or go on vacation someplace fun and exciting. He, being the  multicolored building block lover that he is, always brought up Lego Land. I did some research and figured that if we were going to spend the time and money to get to Lego Land that we might as well extend our time in the San Diego area and hit a few other attractions while there. That is exactly what we did. Lego Land, Sea World, the San Diego Zoo, Balboa Park, USS Midway and, of course, the beach. Since we were going to be down there for 9 nights/10 days I found a vacation rental by owner in the Pacific Beach area of San Diego. Condo, on the 11th floor, right on the beach meant it was a perfect place for us to relax after a day of play. Not to mention we were mere feet from the beach! The weather was beautiful and we ran ourselves ragged in a good way. I will have to chunky monkey up the blog posts about our vacation but why not start with a few pictures of where we stayed and the view we all had to endure.
Flocks of pelicans would fly by the condo.

Happy Boy the Youngest

Happy Boy the Eldest

Was nice to sit and watch the sunset each night.

No keeping the boys out of the water on this trip.

Palm trees everywhere!

Love the clouds.

Same day as the picture before just a bit later.

That's the condo we stayed in - so close to the beach!

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Janet said...

You know...if you had camped out on the beach the whole would have been closer to the water! LOL Maybe next time you can consider it! ; )