Sunday, August 30, 2009

More Random Stuff

I hate to admit it but my computer/blog/email/etc. has become a part of my daily life so when my motherboard went bad in my laptop and killed my wireless connection to the internet I felt a bit lost. My apologies if you've been emailing or trying to contact me and I haven't responded. We've, okay Joel, has temporarily fixed it allowing me access to the internet and we hope that HP will have answers about the motherboard soon. A couple of blog posts today to get you/me through this. ;)

Cherie's Flower
It's like a lot of little flowers living in the big one.

Heidi sent me a bunch of pictures of people "catching" the sun, thought I'd give it a shot too. Not bad for my first attempt and can see how this could be fun! Thanks for the inspiration Heidi!

This little guy followed us for quite a while on our walk the other day.

Hello dragonfly, my son would like to build an airplane with wings like yours.

Noah and Oliver saw this tree (not the best picture, sorry) on our walk and decided that it was the "Elephant Tree." The branch curls up like the trunk of an elephant and his mouth is open hoping for a treat. Noah decided that from now on, whenever we walk this path, we are to feed the elephant tree to keep it happy. The mouth of the elephant tree is higher than we are tall though so he tossed acorn after acorn until one finally landed and stayed in his mouth.

Hathaway Park in Washougal, the salmon are returning to spawn. We got to see quite a few fish shimmy their way up the shallows.