Friday, August 21, 2009

Random Stuff

I am avoiding housework and realized I should post something since I hadn't in a while. However, I've been so busy canning and freezing produce, trying to keep boys busy and fighting a cold that I haven't taken many pictures or had blog worthy stuff to post. So I'm just posting stuff today, because I can...

The largest candy necklace I've ever seen, compliments of Grandma Lavelle, my new rear light for my bicycle and a Joker-esque smile on my not so little boy.

He's mine too.
Okay, he's my sister's, but I'd take him in a heart beat!
Love the toothless grin, and the toothfairy couldn't find her change jar so the boy got $5 for those two front teeth. $5!

Some beautiful pink wildflowers up in Lake Stevens, sadly I was too far away to get more of the pink color.

WANTED: A barber that can handle a boy full of energy and attitude.
He will be wrestled in for at least a trim before school starts.
Shhhhh, don't tell him.

One last random thought...I hate back to school supply shopping. I understand that the supplies are needed but, if you're not careful or wait until the last minute it can really take a bite out of the checkbook. Plus Oliver is starting preschool this year and he has a list, although not as long, of his own. I decided to make it a fun challenge for me this year so here is what I did. I gave myself exactly $20 to find/buy all of Noah's supplies. Recycle, reduce, reuse and shop the sales were my motto. So often I just go and buy new because it's quick and easy, but this year I scanned the sales and shopped accordingly. I also made it a rule that I couldn't make crazy trips half-way across town just to save a few pennies, silly to waste the gas when my challenge was to save money. Here's how it all broke down...
  • 2 dozen pencils $1
  • 2 folders with pockets $1.44 (I could have done better on these but wanted higher quality that would last longer)
  • 1 pack wide rule paper $.75 (had I waited a bit longer I could have got this for $.33)
  • 4 spiral notebooks $.40
  • 2 sets of Crayola markers $2
  • 2 sets of 24 ct colored pencils $4.69 (my highest priced item, 24 ct doesn't go on sale much)
  • 2 sets of 24 ct Crayola crayons $.50
  • Large pair of scissors $0 reused from last year
  • Ruler $0 reused from last year
  • 1 large white liquid glue $.98
  • 2 large glue sticks $0 reused from last year
  • 1 fine point Sharpie $1.10 (this is actually a 2 pack)
  • 1 pencil sharpener $0 reused from last year
  • White erasers $1.48 (3 pack b/c my boy is hard on erasers)
  • Calculator $1
  • 1 box of Ziploc baggies $2.00
  • Optional Water colors $1.49
Grand Total of $18.43!!! That's right, I had $1.57 to spare. Silly how a little self challenge can make school supply shopping more fun! Next list is Oliver's, a bit more challenging but still going to try for the $20 limit. He has things like wet wipes, snack crackers, paper towels and juice on his list...a bit more costly but I believe it can be done!


Queen of Qwerk said...

Great job on the $20 challenge Sis!! And what handsome boys!!

Anonymous said...

All of the boys are indeed handsome, and Noah's serious, long-haired academic pose is a classic. Great job on the $20 challenge. Seems as if there is always something to challenge our budgets anymore.


Wrights13 said...

Take the money that you saved and we'll go for coffee in a couple weeks. As for the wet wipes, Walmart has them for 87 cents each and the snack crackers can be found at the $1 store (and maybe even the juice - but I got mine at Costco for not too bad). Good luck!

Elite Stitches said...

What cute guys!! And I like Noah's hair all touseled like that...very handsome! Scavenger hunts are always fun, and since you had to get the stuff anyway, may as well make it fun... : )

farmgirl beth said...

The pink flowers are Fireweed (native wildflower)... in case you didn't know. We have decided to let them take over a few of our flower beds and always get compliments (hee hee).

What is the k-garten birthday cut off there? I found out that it is September 1 here, so I'm holding off on preschool for another year.

Johnson Family said...

The cutoff is August 1, Oliver will actually go to preschool this year for 4 year olds, then to Pre-k next year and enter kindergarten as a 5 year old turning 6 in November. Did the same with Noah and am glad I did. I debated keeping Oliver out until the pre-k year but that boy THRIVES in and on social situations plus he has been begging to go to school for a year now. I also LOVE the preschool that he will be attending. Noah attended plus 3 other kids that I've taken care of.

Johnson Family said...

p.s. thanks for letting me know what those flowers are. They are beautiful and I can see why you would get compliments!

Shana said...