Sunday, January 24, 2010

Bunk Bed Update

The head and foot boards are put together and Joel is applying one of the coats of polyurethane to them. I think he went with a total of three coats. Not sure you could actually put enough coats of anything on them to protect them completely from our crazy, active boys.

Here they are all stained and poly'd up. Moved them inside to make more room in the garage for Joel to work. Plus it lessens the chance of the boys running into them while in and out of the garage themselves. Aren't they pretty?
The rails that the support for the mattress will sit on.

Joel staining rails.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful work, Joel. I know the boys are really going to like their new beds.


Shana said...

Those are awesome!

Katie B. said...

HOLY COW!!!! Joel.. those are soooo pretty! You are really good at this... i wish I had your skillzzz :) ! ~ Katie

Elite Stitches said...

Those are looking so nice! Bet the boys are excited!

Anonymous said...

Very nice work son. I haven't had a chance to see the bolg for a while (been out of town, work related) so just now checked out your work; very well engineered & constructed. Love Dad