Saturday, January 23, 2010

Work In Progress

Quick note before my post today:

My posting has been sparse this first month of 2010, I need new batteries for my camera and keep forgetting to grab some when I'm at the store. I've been hoping to find some rechargeable batteries on sale but haven't found any yet. Not to mention that the last couple sets of rechargeable batteries that I have purchased really didn't seem to last that long. Longer than the regular, yes but not as long as I would have hoped. Any rechargeable battery users out there that can recommend their favorites? My blog has also been targeted by spammers - yeah me!! I had to turn on comment moderation and now have to approve each comment before it shows on the blog so if you are used to seeing your comment immediately, don't worry about it not showing right away, it will the next time I check emails.

Onto the post...

We are really focusing on getting the house organized, which means Joel has been busy planning and designing new furniture and organization items. We decided that to get more storage and organization into the room that the boys share that it would be best for them to have bunk beds. Joel searched for quite a while for a set of plans that he liked but never seemed to find just the right one. He finally just sat down and designed his own. The bunk beds are farther along then the pictures below show but as I mentioned above, my camera batteries are dead. Joel has a few more pictures on his phone but he is at class right now. Anyway, they are looking great and I can't wait to see them put together and in the boys' room. Next on the agenda will be almost an entire wall of shelves and cubbies to hold all of their toys (in buckets), some books and videos. Hopefully I will have found/purchased batteries by then! I will update with more pictures as they progress...

The head and foot boards that will slide into the posts.

Joel staining the posts that the above head and foot boards will slide into.
The bed rails will also be attached to these.

We went with the pecan color so it matches the closet organizer.

Just another view of the posts.

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Amy said...

Joel's wood work & furniture is amazing! Side job - side job??? Wow! You'd be amazed at what sets like this sell for in the stores & craigslist. Awesome job Joel!