Saturday, April 16, 2011

Smartphone at the Chinese Garden

Spring break happened during the first week of April. We decided to try and take the boys to OMSI one day but when we showed up the parking, the overflow parking and the overflows overflow parking were all full and crawling with folks trying to find a spot. We, much to the boys dismay, decided that we would not be doing OMSI that day. Trying to quickly come up with something to do we decided to visit the Lan Su Chinese Garden in Downtown Portland. We parked in the Lloyd Center area and rode the MAX train down to Chinatown. Walked a block and entered a beautiful oasis amidst the hustle and bustle of the city. The only problem that day, I did not have my camera! I decided not to take it to OMSI and then we ended up in place that begged for my camera. I did have my Droid2 Smartphone with me though and used that camera to capture a few shots. Not the best quality but the beauty is still worth sharing.

This picture makes my heart go pitter-pat. My poor husband has to hear how much I love this picture each and every time I view it.


Anonymous said...

Mine is pitter-patting right along with yours. great shots.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! I think your smartphone has a better camera than mine:) Great clarity!


Queen of Qwerk or Category M said...

Such a gorgeous place! Will have to make sure I check it out.