Saturday, April 16, 2011

Speaking of Flying

There is this really cool playground at the Evergreen Aviation and Space Museum. It has a helicopter, a spaceship and a bi-plane! There were some swings, of course, and Noah decided to try and put what he had learned in the museum to work. Let's see how he did...

A quick glance at part of the playground.

Noah couldn't get this one off the ground so he took things into his own hands and headed for the swings!

Fly boy! Fly like the wind!

(radio crackling) Landing gear down, ready for approach.

Noah's just trying to overshoot the runway now!

Nice form!

My boy had a lot of fun practicing his flying and I had a lot of fun capturing the moment!

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Queen of Qwerk or Category M said...

That place is so cool. Looks like the boys thought so too!