Sunday, October 09, 2011

Had a Great Fall...

Each year at Illahee Elementary, the kindergarten classes set out on a scientific journey of sorts. Their goal is to figure out how to throw an egg off the roof of the school and make it survive! They come up with an idea or a design, place their faith in their results and toss ol' Eggbert off the roof. I don't know if they name their little eggs but in my mind they do and at least one of them is named Eggbert or Megg or Egglebert Humptydink...what would you name your egg?

The parent volunteers that agreed to go up top to scramble the eggs.

There goes Oliver's!!

Kids all sat and watched each egg take the plunge.

After all of the eggs were dropped the kids were released to gather up their project. I was not involved in this project or I would have named it EGGspress - sheesh!

SO hard for me to not reach in there and help things along faster! Come on, Oliver, did your egg survive?!?

Nice work my boy, Humpty has no worries in your hands!