Saturday, June 30, 2012


The Montee family is in town for a visit and since they were here, Bruce and Heidi decided to visit too and spoil everyone rotten! On Tuesday, the gang headed down to Waves and Wings Waterpark and spent the afternoon splashing and sliding. After wearing the kids down, oh who am I kidding, after the parents were exhausted, everyone piled in the cars and headed to the coast for a couple of nights. A couple of beautiful days in Lincoln City later and everyone had a great time. Due to work, I stayed home for this trip but I LOVE the stories and pictures that they came back with. Thank you Pop & H!! Day one...

Brandon smiling big at the waterpark.

Where's your smile Oliver?

Pretty ladies!

This was sunset on their first night there - beautiful!

Apparently, the kiddos plopped down on this log and made friends with a another, gracious family that were also visiting the coast. They shared their bonfire, smores and stories with everyone. How cool is that?

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