Wednesday, June 27, 2012

What Happened?

I find myself not blogging much anymore for a few reasons: 1) I work more than I used to. 2) I like to use the desktop computer when blogging. 3) I have a pre-teen that will spend every waking hour on the desktop playing games and watching videos with his friends if allowed. Joel, the boys, Su, Brian, Bre, Brandon, Bruce and Heidi all headed to the beach for a couple of days. I had to stay home for work related reasons and realized that the computer wasn't constantly being occupied. So I decided to jump on and do a quick little update. I hope to sneak on here more often throughout the summer but there are no promises. ;)

We now have ourselves a blue belt and white w/green belt! I try to get a picture of the boys at each demonstration with their instructors. Figure when they make black belt it will make a really fun series of photos.

The boys have a lot of respect for Mr. B (top picture) and Mr. K!

We now have ourselves a 1st Grader...not sure why he decided to be all serious for that moment.

And we now have ourselves a Middle School-er (yikes!).

Also had ourselves the 2nd Annual, End of School, Nerf Battle and Picnic!

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