Wednesday, September 02, 2009

First Day For Both of My Boys

Today was the start to the 2009-10 school year for BOTH of my boys. Noah started 3rd grade with Ms. Molina and Oliver started preschool with Mrs. Van. Because preschool starts at 9am and Noah's bus arrives right around 9am, we all took Oliver to school today and then drove Noah over to his school, he will ride the bus tomorrow. Oliver was EXCITED, so excited in fact that he did nothing but annoy Noah all morning. Noah is torn, happy to be headed back to school but bummed that summer is ending. I can't wait until they both get home to hear about their first days.

Excited, happy, jubilant...Oliver.
I don't ever remember being quite this happy about school.

Even though they don't need backpacks for preschool, actually they are asked to not bring them at all due to space or lack there of, Oliver HAD to wear one, "just like brudder." He even put a pretend lunch into it in case he got hungry.

Dad and Ollie walking into school.
I've walked through those doors many a time. Noah, Jackson, Jacob and Mackenzie all went to this preschool and I helped transport them all.

The boys heading down the hallway to Oliver's classroom. It's classroom C, Noah had the same room the first year that he went to preschool.

Oliver walking into class, Noah hanging back and trying to act like he doesn't care. Ollie was not one of those cling to your leg, cry or hesitate kind of kids. I barely had time to say goodbye let alone snap pictures.

Marched right in and said good morning to Mrs. Van.

Noah, well we just pulled up outside his school, he hopped out and walked in without looking back. Okay, he looked back once when I yelled his name and waved but that was it. To be honest, I think this was harder for me than dropping off Ollie for the first time ever. Noah is growing up fast.
And because I can't post about the first day without a little bit of humor, here is a series of photos that I took. I was trying to get a cute picture of the two of them, in the front yard, on the first day of school. As usual, with my two hooligans, it did not go as planned. Oliver was jumping all around, Noah was way too serious and trying to wrestle Oliver into submission, I was snapping pictures like a mad woman hoping one would turn out. I would like to point out, however, that Oliver was smiling the entire time and Noah, well, he was just being Noah. I'm thinking that I may have to hire Amy Vining, a gal I went to high school with, to try and get their holiday photo(s). She's gonna have her work cut out for her...


Amy said...

Seriously laughed out loud to the one where Noah's hands are like thrown up in the air! :-)

Gosh I hope Nolan is like Ollie when I take him on his 1st day... but I kindof doubt he will be. Wont stop me from hoping!

Shana said...

I love your photos! Trevor starts school next Tuesday, well hopefully if they can get the teachers contracts figured out.

Also checked out Amy Vining's website. Wow! Where is she out of? I would love to do a photo shoot with the horses, especially once Kip gets here. Might be kind of crazy though with 3 people, 6 horses, and 2 dogs!

Elite Stitches said...

These pictures are great! Hard to believe they're both in school now...the time has flown by. Noah looks so grown up just marching himself in to school- too cool. I bet he loved going back to his 'old stomping ground' and showing Ollie to his room. Was it hard for him to leave his little brother there??

Queen of Qwerk said...

Well, as I sit here in my cubicle in Bismarck, ND, I am trying so hard to hunker down so my fellow workers cannot see the tears or hear the laughing. Ollie walking down the sidewalk with his backpack on pretty much says it all-The first big step-beginning of his independance! He is the baby and it just went too fast. The pictures of them outside were, of course, hysterical. Noah even had a couple of grins in there! And so glad he got to go see Ollie at his first day in school! Noah is really already so independant it just blows me away! I can hardly wait to see how their days went!