Monday, September 14, 2009

It's A Boy!

I went to my sister's house this weekend because Ron was getting a new baby. I got to tag along with them to the Eros Arabian and Hackney Horse open house in Olympia. It was a great, drinks, music and best of all, beautiful horses. At the end of the day they loaded Kip up and Ron hauled his new bundle of joy back to their place. Considering that this was his first trailering experience,Kip did great on the 2.5 hour ride. They got him home and he settled in quite nicely. I took hundreds of pictures but decided to just share the ones of Kip. Congratulations Ron on your new baby, he's adorable.


Anonymous said...

He is beautiful. I like the little "teardrop" mark beneath his left eye. Thanks for posting the pics. Good stuff.


Janet said...

Oh he's just BEAUTIFUL!!!