Monday, September 21, 2009

Ready to Go?

I asked Oliver if he wanted to go to the park the other day and he said, "sure, let me get my stuff!" He came back with binoculars, a Frisbee, an archeologist's hammer, a cap gun, a spy watch and a zoo key.Really? Do you really need all of this to go play at the park? "YES! It's all very important." So I packed it all in a bag and we headed to the park. He put on the zoo key and watch as soon as we got there and used the other items as the situations for each presented themselves.
It's good to know that I've trained my kids to be prepared for any situation. Who knows when you'll need to chip a plastic fossil out of a clay like play egg??? Or when you'll run across a little box, from the zoo, that will tell you about the wildlife when you put the key in???
And the frisbee, well, who could live without a frisbee? It's just not possible.


Anonymous said...

Hey, Mom! A guy's gotta have his stuf, 'kay?


Amy said...

Ok this is sooooo something my boys would do.

Shana said...

He is the next Mcgiver!