Thursday, February 25, 2010

Birthday Wishes Oliver Style

Hey Oliver, it's GrandPop Bruce's birthday today, want to make something for him? "Yeah sure. Um, how about you get me some paper and pencils? NO! no, how about some paper and a marker? Yeah, a marker that's it." He then asked me how to spell happy birthday, I gave him the letters one at a time this is what he was chattering on about while writing out his note.
H, (singing) the h says huh, the h says huh. Huh! Huh! Huh??? (laughing to himself)
A, I am getting good at these A's
P, Just like the R except it doesn't kick it's leg out. Mommom, I almost made it an R!
P, It's this one's (pointing to the previous P) brother, they are twins! Can you believe it?
Y, Just like in your name. Did you know that your name has a Y in it?
B, buzz buzz buzz buzz the letter B doesn't buzz but the BEE does, get it?
I, My name has an I, O,L,I,V,E,R. See? It has an I, really.
R, YEAH! He gets to kick his leg out! I like to kick, want to see? (gets down and performs his version of a spinning jump kick).
T, ANOTHER letter from your name. T also starts with t-ball. T, t-ball, do you hear it?
H, Noah has an H in his name. I like Noah sometimes but sometimes I don't.
D, the D then just two more letters!
A, See another good A, I AM getting good at the A's. It's also in Noah's name too.
Y, Y, Y, Y, Y, Y, Y, no really, why? (laughs) I'm done, now draw me a cake to decorate (I give him the evil mom eye). I mean, will you please draw me a cake to decorate?

I was given exactly 2.7 seconds to draw this cake for Oliver to decorate. He decided that 7 was the perfect number of candles. When asked why 7 he said, "because 7 is perfect." Then he looked at me like I was nuts for questioning such artistic genius.

He also decided that GrandPop needed a rocket ship for his birthday. "Tell him he can look out that window when he flies to space."



Queen of Qwerk said...

Not only do I think the birthday card is great, but the entire production was outstandingly my Ollie!! Wonderful!

Amy said...


Amy said...


Anonymous said...

Dear Ollie,
Thanks so much for the great drawings; I really liked the space-ship but the Happy Birthday & cake were very good too.

I Love You, G-Pop Bruce