Monday, March 29, 2010

Spring Break!

For Spring Break we decided to head up to my sister's farm. Trevor needed someone to watch him during the week, we wanted to get away and there were a few projects to get done so it seemed like the perfect solution. The biggest project was getting the pen/coop set up for the delivery of our meat chicks in a couple of weeks. Then we wanted to take the small yard that the layers are in and make that much bigger. Shana currently has 4 hens but she also has 6 babies that are just starting to feather that will be joining the big girls in a couple of weeks. They needed an addition! Those two projects are now complete so it's onto the smaller projects and fun around the farm. We have a busy week planned and I hope to be able to get on here and blog about it as the week goes on. I'm already a few posts behind!!

Tori and Steph (in the background) also came up to help get the chicken yards ready. As you can see, Uncle Ron gave the boys something to play with...a nice burn pile. It kept those three boys occupied for quite a bit of time. I believe they even roasted marshmallows.

Tori also wanted to play with the horses so we put her to work first. She got the fun job of emptying and filling the water buckets.
Joel was also working hard on the layers new yard, they had already completed almost all of the meat chicken area the day before. As you can see, I was working hard documenting every one's hard work. It's an important job you know! Yes, I helped too.

The layers wondering what was going on??!!? You can see just how small their little yard was.
And Joel is down at the end of their new yard, quite the improvement!
Tori, Noah, Trevor and Oliver all took a turn at driving Pistol that day too. They all did great and Pistol, as always, was a very good boy for them all. My sister refers to him as the babysitter. I am going to have to ask Steph for a picture of Tori driving because I somehow missed her turn. I do have lots of her riding and brushing the horses though (another post). This is Noah's turn driving, he did great.
Noah after he decided it was a bit chilly and on a jacket, trotting was easier when your teeth weren't chattering.
How cute is that?!?!? Trevor had the reins and told Oliver to hold on.
Oliver's face makes me laugh, he thought they were flying! Luckily, little Pistol's legs can only go so fast.

Trevor giving Oliver a quick lesson before handing the reins over.

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