Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Lots of snakes and other reptile-esque creatures too were the focus of our field trip yesterday. We headed to Monroe WA to the Reptile Zoo. The reviews for this small zoo were split, it seemed that people either loved it or completely hated it. After the visit, I can see why the reviews might be that way, if you love or even like snakes, crocodiles, turtles, lizards, etc. you will really enjoy your visit. If, however, you have any sort of diversion to any of those things you will, indeed, hate that you just spent $5 to torture yourself. The enclosures are all glass or plexiglass allowing you to come face to face with all of the beautiful animals that live there. It is very warm and humid to keep all the residents comfortable and it is a bit smelly but it's not so unpleasant that you want to leave. After a minute or two you are completely engrossed in the experience and don't notice at all. Even though all of the deadly, poisonous snakes have been de-venomized, it's still a bit of a rush to come face to face with King Cobras, Black Mambas, Rattlesnakes, etc. Anyway, if you are in the area of Monroe, WA and you enjoy an educational experience that involves a lot of snakes and other such creatures, I believe it's worth the cost and trip.

This is a viper of some kind, I really should have taken a picture of the little cards on each of the tanks too. I do remember that this is the second most deadly snake on the planet. Joel says it is the Gaboon Viper.

You get to touch the shells of these guys, they seemed very happy to have their backs rubbed and scratched a bit.

Face to face with a American Alligator.

This was the biggest, or should I say thickest, Rattlesnake I've seen. But like the volunteer said, he doesn't have to work for his food much.
Black Mamba (the deadliest snake) and his tank buddy the Green Mamba.
Noah standing next to the well fed Reticulated Python.
Can't remember this guys name but I loved the way he was all curled up.
Very happy to be sun bathing! I should have taken more pictures that could give you perspective on how large some of these guys were. This one was very large.
The boys all loved the two-headed turtle.
Oliver mesmerized by the rattler saying hello.

The boys all got a turn at holding Rosy Boas and Corn Snakes. Here is Oliver holding one of the Boas.
Noah taking his turn with the boa.

Trevor is holding the Corn Snake.
Ahhh, Monitor love, okay, they were just sun bathing but it was too cute not to take a picture.
This guy needs a shave!
This Chameleon was doing a little dance for the boys just before we left.


Shana said...

I would definately be one of the ones that "hates" it! Thanks for taking the boys!

Queen of Qwerk said...

What a cool place!!! Love when you can SAFELY get up close!!

Queen of Qwerk said...

What a cool place!!! Love when you can SAFELY get up close!!