Friday, April 02, 2010


Wednesday and Thursday of Spring Break were spent in Seattle. I, personally, have not been into Seattle much at all. I've been to a couple of Mariner games but that's about it. After a couple of days, I can't wait to get back and explore more of downtown Seattle. We travelled to Seattle on Wednesday and visited the Pacific Science Center. Even after two plus hours I'm still not sure we saw it all!
Our short walk to the Pacific Science Center took us right by this landmark.

Boys testing their pulse and stress levels.

Getting to operate the heavy machines.

I can't remember what this was called but you could spin it back and forth to get different patterns from the liquid inside.

"Aunt TT let me make a funny face so you can put it on your blog!"

One of the butterflies in the beautiful garden and butterfly exhibit.

One of the butterflies landed on Trevor's hand.

The boys posing in a huge guitar.

The Mars exhibit had a chair that the kids could sit on and get spun around while trying to answer a question. This is Oliver trying his hand at becoming an astronaut.



Queen of Qwerk said...

WOW-what a couple of cool places!!My hat is off to you Tiff for fighting the crowds!!!

The Pyryt Nest said...

Why didn't you test your stress level? Afraid you'd break the machine? LOL!

Anonymous said...

I love the Pacific Science Center! I take my class there every March, and it never fails to entertain. Love that butterfly house:) Great pictures!