Saturday, April 10, 2010

Easter 2010

I just realized that I had not posted pictures from Easter. We were gone, on Spring Break, the week before, came home to soccer season starting and Grandma Ricki moving in so Easter was very simple and very quiet. We hide chocolate eggs around the house for the boys to find in the morning and they each get a little pile of goodies and gifts. GrandPop and Grandma Heidi had sent some money for me to pick something out for them, the Montee family sent a bag of goodies with Grandma Ricki and my mom had sent a box of treats too. They had some fun toys waiting for them on Easter morning. I thank all of you for not sending oodles of candy! Anyway, they each had a bowl and were scrambling around, finding eggs as fast as they could knowing that the piles were not to be touched until all chocolate was found! Finally, after all the candy was found, they tackled their piles of presents...

Picture of their loot...spoiled rotten by their family!
Boxes from Gammy
Bags from The Montees
Legos, Bakugan and Hot Wheels from GrandPop & Grandma Heidi
Wii Sports Resort and Misc. from Mom & Dad
Oliver's bowl is filling up fast!

Okay, this is not a great picture but it makes me laugh...Joel had hidden an egg on top of the thermometer, the egg find was winding down and he didn't want the boys to miss this one. Joel pointed to it and asked Oliver what the temperature was, Oliver told him. Joel kept asking, "are you sure, Oliver? Look again (tapping finger at the egg) can you tell me again what the temperature is?" And Oliver just kept telling him the temperature. Noah and I were laughing pretty hard by the time Oliver realized what was going on.

Me torturing the boys, "Hey! No touching the stuff until I get a picture."

Gammy hid some money in a couple of eggs, Noah opened one of his eggs and pulled out a $5 bill. He did this right after Oliver had opened a similar egg from Gammy full of jelly beans. At first Oliver was a bit concerned that Noah got money and all he got was jelly beans. I explained that knowing and living through Gammy's "Even Steven Rule" I was sure he had an egg with money too. The jelly beans were pushed aside and he dove in to find the golden egg!

Oliver celebrating after he found the golden egg from Gammy.