Friday, April 23, 2010

Third Grade Invasion!!

As part of the Discovery Walk Festival, the third grade classes from the Vancouver area (Evergreen and Vancouver school districts) were invited to walk in a 3K Culture Walk & Parade this morning. All of the third grade classes have been studying the different cultures then focusing in on their own cultural background. We've been talking to Noah quite a bit about who he is and where he came from. Of all the countries that he could choose from, he decided on Ireland. When asked why he picked Ireland over other countries like, Saudi Arabia, France, Germany, England he responded, "I like Ireland's flag colors and too many other kids were already doing France." Apparently, I was expecting an answer that was a little more in depth or thought provoking because that answer made me chuckle. We headed down to Officer's Row this morning, picked out a gorgeous spot to sit and watch then enjoyed the parade!

Burning off some energy before the parade, he would ask, "What do you want me to do now?" and I would say, "See that tree, run to it as fast as you can, circle it three times, then run back as fast as you can! Ready, set, GO!" If you have not visited Officer's Row in Vancouver WA, you should make the trip sometime. It is beautiful! While down there, visit Fort Vancouver and Pearson Air Field too.

Relaxing before the start of the parade.

Color Guard...the parade is starting!

Marching band to help lead the way.

This adorable little puppy sat right next to us, I kept chuckling because the throngs of third graders would all oooh and aaah over him. Guess he should have been in the parade too!
After a hundred or so, "Where's Noah?" from Oliver, they finally came up and around the corner! Mrs. Molina's class.
And there's Noah, hi Noah!

Noah's class was last in the parade, so I walked up and caught up with him again. His Ireland project was easy to see now so I snapped a quick picture.

Oh how I wish I had a wide angle lens, this crowd of children was enormous! I could not, from where I was standing, see where it ended. Incredible site to see and remember, this is JUST the third graders.

Oliver darted into the group to give brother a quick hug.

Again, wishing I had a different lens, this line of buses went on for quite a distance.

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