Sunday, April 04, 2010

Misc. Pics From Spring Break

I always end up with pictures that don't really fit into the theme of the week but think they would be fun to share. Well, fun for me anyway...

We stayed the night close to Sea-Tac Airport on Wednesday night, I was viewing my pictures from the day and decided to snap a quick picture of each boy.
Oliver going all Zoolander on me, "Try this pose, mom. Yeah, that's the one."

Trevor wondering why I'm interrupting his cartoon.
I think this is a great picture of him.

I had to call his name at least 3 times before he popped his head up.

Then there are these cute dandelions, one might ask what to do with two freshly picked dandelions...

Offer them to Beni and hope that you get at least part of your thumb back. This boy is going to get every last bit of dandelion even if it means a thumbnail is included. A risk I'm willing to take.

Now Kori, however, he was much more of a gentleman about things. He daintily took the dandelions that I offered and thanked me much.

"See that rope, that one right there! It's on your feet lady!!! Pick it up, throw it, throw it now! Why aren't you listening?!? Pick it up, now, do it!"

Hello Lloyd, I am going to kidnap you someday!

Not to leave anyone out, I was trying to get a good shot of Kip, their baby, and he was not cooperating. He would not stand still and would rather chew on me and camera. This is the best shot I got. (chuckling)

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Queen of Qwerk said...

Great pictures of all the critters-boys and animals!!