Monday, May 03, 2010

Queen Midas

Noah is in the EXCEL program that the Evergreen school district offers. This year, the 3rd grade students studied Greek Gods and Mythology. Lots of science, math, social studies, history, etc. all centered around this subject. It's an incredible class and the kids have so much fun they hardly notice that they are learning. For their Spring Culmination project, the students put on a play called, "Queen Midas and the Golden Touch." An adaptation of the King Midas tale that the kids took and made their own. They did it all, set, directing, tech crew, actors, actresses, sound effects, lighting, etc. They even made a power point presentation for us to watch before the play started.
Here is the set, later in the play the columns and brick walls were spun around during a set change...they were gold on the other side.
A couple of Noah's projects from their studies.

Waiting for the play to start, I told Oliver to hold still, Joel did the holding part of that request.

Noah tried out for and got the part of Poseidon, the Greek god of the sea. He made the trident that he is holding (with a little help from dad).

The entire cast and crew!

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Anonymous said...

Good job Noah, wish I could have been there. G-Pop Bruce