Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Soccer Ends...For Now

Oliver first try at soccer was a success, after a bit of a rough start he really got into it and enjoyed playing the game. We've signed him up again for the fall session and we can't wait. His last game was last Saturday. It was a beautiful day and a fun game followed by a quick get together and trophy ceremony.
Getting the game started.

This kid is not proud at all (wink wink).

Brother paying attention to him and a trophy???
I'm not sure that life could life get any better for this 4 year old.


Anonymous said...

I am really digging Ollie's Spikey Do! I'm so glad he finally had a great time. Tray loves soccer and plays it from August through the spring, which is a little more than I enjoy it:)


Queen of Qwerk said...

LMAO-Ollie can't take his eyes off that trophy. Such cute guys-both of them!!