Thursday, October 28, 2010


I started calling him Kipenstein back when the silly baby decided to rip his face open. It's healed up nicely since then and you really can't tell where it even happened but it's close to Halloween so KIPenstein seems fitting. My sister let him out to run around in the arena on Sunday morning and I tried to get some action shots. I'm still working on my techniques and Kip made me work hard for good shots. He is turning into a handsome young man with lots of personality...

Zooming around the arena!
The boy loves to eat flowers and he thought he had hit the jackpot! He soon realized that plastic props on the jumping equipment just aren't tasty. Didn't stop him from running away from my sister, it was like a game of keep away.

He decided to share with his little but older brother, Pistol.

WHAT??? He started it!!

Little bit of attitude going on!

Handsome man! Want to see Kip's dad? Then click on this link scroll down a little and watch the video.

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Shana said...

I LOVE the 2nd one down! What great shots. Once I get the inside of the house painted and start hanging my pictures back up I will want this one in print to hang up please!