Sunday, October 10, 2010

Where's the Beef?

We decided to try a different source for our locally grown beef this year so I contacted, with recommendations from a friend, Ernie. He lives in Banks and his cows have 5 acres to graze on and a barn with a door that's open to them at all times. They come and go as they please. They feed on the green grass, the hay that Ernie harvests from his own fields and a bit of corn that is also grown right there on the farm. He invited us down to the farm before picking our beef up from the butcher and we accepted. Ernie and his family focus more on raising pigs for Luaus, kids going to fair, consumers, etc. so it was fun to see his set up and all the cute little pigs running around. We also got to see the corn fields (that were at least 8 feet tall, maybe even 10 feet), the alfalfa fields and a huge wooded area that they use and manage as a source of firewood. Ernie was a cute farmer, proud to show off his land, fields and livestock.

Loved the barn!!
Cows were a bit skittish of the camera but this one decided to come in for a closer look.

Mama pig looks like she is begging for a break!

The little runt on top trying to power his way in for some milk.

We were up in the hay keep and this pig was too adorable!

Always rooting for a handout.

Piglets recently weaned from mama.
These guys made me laugh over and over. The camera shutter would click and they would bolt, run, jump as fast as they could to get away. Not two seconds later they were creeping back in hopes of getting a treat.


This guys was HUGE!

Good thing this kitty had a boy to call his own already. Noah and the kitty fell in love and were inseparable the entire time!

This the loft/hay keep in the barn, looking up to the ceiling. Do you see him? Look close.

Baby barn owl! Beautiful!!

We had a blast visiting!

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great pics!! looks like a blast!