Sunday, October 31, 2010

2010 Annual Halloween Party

Once again, Kanthak Karate put on it's annual Halloween party. It was well attended and a blast to be a part of. You can tell that the three rules in karate, 1) Karate is for self defense only, 2) No excuse for bad manners and 3) No whining, all carry over into the lives of his students. Being around a group of peers that respect those rules makes for a very pleasant evening of fun.

Lots of fun costumes!

MMMMM, pixie dust.

I have a picture of Oliver with this mummy from a couple years ago, the mummy used to be taller.

The raffle is always a big hit!

Oliver enjoying the rock band, this band has played for, I believe they said, 6 years now. The first time they played they were in middle school, they are all college students now!

My favorite picture of the night...seems that there was more than just a Halloween party going on that night. Yep, my handsome Snake Eyes Ninja proposing to the cute poodle-skirted teeny bopper.
Okay, so they were both standing in line, chatting it up and Ollie knelt down to pick up his toy that he dropped. Joel just happened to capture the moment with perfect timing. LOL

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