Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Eastside Choral Festival

Like I mentioned before, Noah decided to participate in the Eastside Choral Festival. He agreed to get up early and meet with other fourth and fifth graders to learn a few songs. After a month of practice, the students from Illahee Elementary gathered with the students from Union High, Frontier Middle, Shahala Middle, Burnt Bridge Creek Elementary and Pioneer Elementary to perform for their community. It was amazing. The enthusiasm that the music directors have in our school district really shows in their students. We took a few videos that night, the first one is of ALL the students singing the finale, We Shall Be Free by Stephanie Davis and Garth Brooks. Actually, it's just the last couple minutes of the song. Professional musicians from the community took time out of their lives to learn, practice and then perform this song with the kids, how cool is that? The other video is of the Union High School Select Men's Ensemble singing, Amo, Amas, I Love a Lass, arranged by Marshall Bartholomew. This particular ensemble are 3 time state!! The best part about the whole thing is that Noah really enjoyed himself. He even said that he wouldn't mind participating in more choir/music related activities and that makes me a happy mom-mom.

Needed a wide angle to get the gym...don't have that yet!

There's my shaggy boy!

Note: Having some upload issues with the second video...will post as soon as I strong-arm it into submission!! HA!!! I win. Of course I had to use Youtube to conquer but here it is...

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Shana said...

Great job! Hopefully one day Noah will be in the men's ensemble and you and I can go cheer him on at state!