Thursday, November 18, 2010

Oliver is 5!

Oliver turned 5 on Tuesday. Yikes! It's hard to believe he is 5 already!! Due to our crazy work schedules, we had Oliver wait until Wednesday to open his presents. Both Joel and I wanted to be here when he opened up his gifts. I let my boys pick what they want for their birthday dinner and Oliver decided on white rice from Panda Express. Simple, plain white rice? Really? Yep, that's what he wanted. I took some pictures of him opening up his gifts but also wanted to say thanks to GrandBob for the Toy Story 3 DVD and thanks to Gammy for the spending money and contribution to his college fund! Love and hugs to all of you for making his day great!!

I know how hard it can be for a kid(okay fine, it's me) to wait on opening presents so when he woke up on Tuesday he had a huge Spongebob balloon and Spongebob Snuggie waiting for him. He LOVES that Snuggie! It also came with these fuzzy yellow socks that have these grip-dots on the bottom. Well, I mentioned to Oliver that he could turn them upside down and skate all over our floors. Joel looked at me like I was crazy. Then he said something like, "Are you nuts woman?!? Glad I'm going to work. You don't give our boys ideas like that."
Keeping it simple and in the Spongebob theme, cupcakes with yellow sprinkles were made.

Concentrating hard on that candle.
He made a wish and blew out the candle.

The pile o'presents awaiting my cute boy.

Thank you GrandPop Bruce and Grandma Heidi!!!
He also got two Matchbox racing motorcycles and a college fund contribution from them.
Monster Truck with flag from Auntie Soup, Uncle Brian and Cousins Bre and Brandon!

It's a soccer shirt AND it has the number 5 on it!
Thank you Grandma Ricki, it goes perfect with the big air monster truck!!

Grandpa Jerry and Grandma Lavelle gave Oliver a gift card for his birthday. He took it to Fred Meyers, bought this game, then wrapped it and added it to the pile of gifts.

A cool carrying/travel case and this awesome game from Aunt Nana, Uncle Ron and Cousin Trevor - thank you!

Oliver has been begging for a Nintendo DS. I finally agreed to get him one but because they are a bit expensive he had to choose big gift and no party or party and small gift(s). He decided to get the big present and no party. So here it is, his brand new Nintendo DSi XL from Mom, Dad and Brother.

Don't worry, I am still taking him and a couple of his friends to play at Kids Club tomorrow but that's all it is, a couple of hours of pure play. And if I can somehow keep up with the action, I might have a couple of pictures to post. Thanks again to all of you for making his day great!

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