Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I'm In the Minority

Well, when you talk to adults anyway, I am in the minority, I like this time of year. I also enjoy the snowy, wintry weather that has arrived here in Vantucky. Most grown ups dread the weather and what comes along with it. All the kids like it though, unless of course Evergreen School District decides to make the appropriate call and send the kids to school instead of freaking out and making them stay home, then they just get upset. The snow accumulation was little to none but we did get to see it fall and put a sparse blanket on the ground. The temperatures are dipping down into the teens and topping out in the mid 30's. It's not too bad until the wind picks up then the wind chill factor kicks in and brrrrr! My eldest is currently dumping water on the deck in hopes of creating his own miniature ice rink. Which reminds me, I better let the other people in the house know what he is doing so they don't go unexpectedly sliding right off the deck onto the yard. If the predictions of a cold, white and stormy winter prove true then I should have lots to post over the next few months.

I love to watch the snow fall.

Noah refusing to smile, but he's happy it's snowing.

This boy never fails to give me a smile.

Trying to catch one or a thousand.

The little winter flowers had better luck.

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Anonymous said...

I love Noah's deck idea! We may have to try that:)