Monday, December 27, 2010

Merry Sickmas To All!

Well, our Christmas visit up to my sister's started out with us leaving Ricki behind because she caught the flu. Noah had been sick a couple of days before and we thought we were out of the woods but no such luck. Our luck got even worse when we, about ten minutes from Shana's, we were blessed with a 5 year old puking in the car. We got to my sister's, cleaned up the boy and the car and quarantined Oliver to the basement in hopes of keeping the germs to ourselves. My dad came up on the 24th and picked up Ricki, who was feeling much better, on the way. Again, we were lulled into believing that we had spared the Rollins' the miseries of flu until Christmas Eve when it became apparent that Trevor and Ron were infected. I can not tell you how incredibly guilty I felt once I realized those 2 were down for the count. Yes, flu happens, and yes, I didn't mean to bring it up with us, but still, I felt horrible. Trevor, an absolute trooper, hung out on the couch and opened presents with everyone. As soon as the presents were open my mom decided to get out of the flu battle field and headed home late that night and we retreated to the basement to give Ron and Trevor some time to recover. As far as flues go, this one seemed to be a pretty fast, 24 hour sort of flu, so by the next day/afternoon, everyone was perking up and starting to feel better. Even though we canceled Christmas dinner (more guilt!) I went ahead and cooked up the meal. Luckily, we ALL got to enjoy it. The boys lazily found and opened their stocking on Christmas day and played with all of their new games and toys. I love my sister very much and had a great time even if it wasn't the most ideal situation and circumstances. One of my favorite times of the weekend is when Ron, Shana, Joel and I kicked the kids downstairs and the 4 of us played MarioKart on Christmas night! Nice not having a bunch of kids yelling at you telling you that you are doing it all wrong. Anyway, not the ideal Christmas that all of us hope for but one spent with family and that's all that matters. Merry Sickmas!!


I keep laughing when I look at my Christmas photos. I have taught Noah to pose quite nicely. He stops what he is doing, holds the gift up, gives me about a 3 second smile/time frame to snap the picture and then he's onto something else.

Yeah! Underwear!

More books for my voracious reader.

My hero for the weekend! Love you Trevor.

My awesome brother-in-law and his beautiful wife.

Hanging in there.

What are you smiling about Ron????

My sister's kid is tough on flashlights, she bought him multiples.

There's a smile!!

Christmas morning, feeling much better!

A boy and his dog.


New games, we ceased to exist for a while.

Oliver finally found his stocking.

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