Sunday, December 12, 2010

Yikes! Double Digits!

Noah has had a busy week! He earned a belt promotion, attended a karate demonstration, went to 3 birthday parties, had a birthday himself and is now playing laser tag with his best friend! Noah turned 10 today and that is hard for me to believe. He is turning into a fine young man with qualities that I love and adore. He is kind, loyal, enthusiastic, hungry for knowledge and a believer in finding the good in people (unless it's his brother then it's a whole new game!). He is brave and willing to try new things and put himself out there. His sense of humor is really starting to develop and he can make me laugh out loud. I love him and am proud to be his mom-mom.

Noah earned his solid purple belt on Thursday. The boy has worked hard for it and we are very proud of him. A couple of days before he got his promotion, he was excitedly telling me that blue, brown and black are the three colors left. If he keeps at it and doesn't mess up he is certain that he will earn his junior and solid belts to work his way up to black belt by the time he is 15 or 16. I have no doubt that he will accomplish this.
Group photo after the promotions.

After his belt promotion, we came home and let him open up his gifts.
This is a Lego Harry Potter game from Aunt Nana, Uncle Ron and Cousin Trevor!

A huge Bionicle Lego set from Grandma Ricki that was put together, in it's entirety by bed time. That really should come as no surprise to those who know my Lego building machine.

And yes, we finally broke down and got him his own Nintendo DSi XL. He's been asking for one for quite sometime but we resisted since he already had a PSP. Now that Noah, Oliver and I all have one we can share the games.

And not to be forgotten, Lambey turned 10 today too. He's a bit rough around the edges and worn down a bit but he never misses the excitement around here.
Love you too, Lambey.

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The Pyryt Nest said...

Happy Birthday Noah! We are so proud of the young man you are becoming. Love, The Pyryts