Saturday, June 11, 2011

The River is Full

We took a little family outing to the banks of the Columbia River today. It's full right now, very full. Lots of rain and some run-off from the snow melting have caused the waters to rise. We decided to go to Cottonwood Beach to check it out.

This is the path that leads down to the waters edge. Let me rephrase that, this is the START of the path that leads down to the waters edge.

To the left and right of the path the normally, dry or slightly damp area was flooded and covered in water.

As high as this water is, it still doesn't quite reach the levels of the flood that happened in 1996.

I posted this picture in hopes that Bre and Brandon would remember the start of the path to the water. That way they could see just how high the water is right now.

This is on another path that you can take to get down to Cottonwood Beach. I used my zoom lens to get a shot of the covered picnic area. According to reports and other folks we've talked to, the water has started to go down.  Look close, can you see the water just under the bench seats on that tables? All of that fuzzy looking ground in the foreground is actually debris floating on the water.

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