Wednesday, June 15, 2011


The sun, although appearing a little bit more frequently, has been a bit fickle this year. A flurry of activity occurs all around town when the sun comes out and warms us all. Making sure not to let it go to waste, we all headed out for a walk the other day.

On a completely different matter, I've decided to play around with my white balance on my camera this week. When I leave it on AWB (auto white balance) it really seems to wash out some of the colors and depth from my shots making them very white (like the ones in this post). I'm sure this is what you'd want if you were photographing a beautiful bride in her pristine white dress but when I'm out and the colors are rich and warm, I want to get THAT feeling into my shots. So I am venturing away from the AWB setting, not sure where it's going to take me yet but I'll be sure to let you know.

Noah leaning on one of the coolest bike racks I've ever seen!

Oliver on same bike rack adding his own special goofiness to the shot.

This boy is silly, silly, silly!

I saw these reeds and the phrase, "...out with old, in with the new," came to mind.

Really cool composite bridge. Do you see the fish swimming underneath?

This guy was running back and forth across the path. Cute and hard to catch on film!

There is a section of this refuge that is closed for a part of the year to allow the wildlife to migrate, rest, breed, etc. in peace. I thought this was a very clever and beautiful way to remind us when the area is or is not open. I kind of want one in my yard even though I have no room/place for such a thing.

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Anonymous said...

Tiffany, These are amazing pictures. You have a GREAT eye!