Wednesday, June 01, 2011

More Milestones

A couple milestones have happened over the past week or so. First off, Joel finally hauled Noah outside and taught him how to mow the lawn. It's been so wet this Spring that mowing the lawn is an exercise is muddy futility. It was wet, it was slick, it was dirty but the jungle claiming to be our yard was in desperate need of a trim. Can't wait for the day when Joel calls and tells Noah to have the lawn mowed before he gets home from work. The torch has been passed...

Don't just stand there looking all handsome and grown-up, mow the lawn already!

If you are going to mow the lawn, you have got to be able to start the mower, pull!

A little guidance and help from dad.
The other milestone around here is that Oliver was advanced to and earned his white with yellow strip belt in karate. He has been working hard and having a ton of fun in class. He watched Noah's classes for 3 plus years before he got to FINALLY join in himself. Next time you see him, ask him to show you some of his moves.

One more picture as a white belt.

Listening in class.

Mr. B tying on his new belt.

Congratulations, Oliver!

Look at all of those cute smiling proud faces!

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