Friday, May 27, 2011

Short Day 3 on Lopez

Our final day we spent the morning gathering all of the stuff my children have an incredible ability to scatter about any house we occupy. It doesn't matter how long or short the stay or how big or small the house is, they can occupy and then litter the area with personal items in no time at all. We wanted to catch the 345pm ferry so after we packed up we headed down to the village to visit the Saturday Market and the little Historical Museum they have, both are quiet island small but worth the time. Then, with the time we had left, we stopped for a quick hike onto Spencer Spit. Turns out, after arriving at the ferry staging area, we read the ferry schedule wrong! Seriously, you'd think that with the two of us reading the same schedule that we would have seen the little dash marks following the time that means that the ferry does NOT stop at Lopez. The next ferry wasn't until 5pm. We decided to just explore the area around the ferry and not head back to the house. We would've gotten there then shortly would've had to return anyway so we stuck it out. We hiked around a little trail for a bit then snacked and watched a movie, the time passed quickly.

Oliver made a bow with a stick he and Joel painted silver and yellow twine from one of Aunt Nana's hay bales. The bow got broken and the twine got re-purposed. Reduce, reuse, recycle!

(chuckling) There are clam beds all over Spencer Spit, walking around would irritate them and they would squirt out water and dig deeper. We started to dig after them a little just to get them to spray and jump out of the way. Loved the giggles that came from my boys. I got hit a couple of times and came out of there with  soaked lower pant leg.

Noah marching along...

Our only cloudy day on the island.

My guys.

Joel and Bruce...can you tell if they are related????

Me trying to get a picture of my boys together...(sigh)

Forced to sit nicely while dad takes a picture.

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