Thursday, May 26, 2011

Lopez Day 2 Photo Tour

It's amazing how many pictures I take on a trip. Yes, I have my camera with me pretty much at all times but I don't feel like I'm taking that many pictures. I'm talking, I'm hiking, I'm exploring, I'm slowing my boys down and pointing things out to them, etc. and I still manage to take a LOT of pictures. So off we go on our pic-tour of day two on Lopez Island...

Joel and I went up to the church that Heidi's mom, Nola, got married in. It's an adorable little church with a small cemetery on the grounds. Walking around, Joel saw this little lost Valentine Bear and took this picture. I told him I wasn't sure if I loved this picture because it's so cool or if I hate it because it seems so sad. You decide and let me know which one it is...

Losing my mind in my old age...ALMOST certain this is at Shark Reef Park

GrandPop and his Grandsons

This looks a lot scarier than it really was...

The current was very swift through here.

Claims he needed a rest...I wasn't buying it one bit!

Second hike of the day out to Iceburg Point

Oliver liked the lichen.

We climbed up to a U.S. boundary marker at the top of this hill, the view was amazing!

My eldest in Lopez Village

Persistent pestering to wade into the water pays off.

I was cold watching them, what is it with kids and their ability to wade into ice cold water and not think twice about it?

Noah getting ready to throw/skip a rock.

The cute little church on the hill.

Sunset on second day, not as brilliant as the first day but still pretty and relaxing.

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