Sunday, May 15, 2011

Soccer Stuff

Another soccer season has quickly come to an end. Oliver has improved so much in the few short seasons he has participated in that it makes me wonder just how many more soccer games I will be watching as he grows up. We have been very lucky to get a couple of great coaches for Oliver to give him a great start to a fun sport. I'll be signing him up again this week. GOOOOOOOOAAALLLLL!

Oliver practicing soccer with a bit of flair!

Fun drill to teach ball control...lift the ball with your feet and drop it on your head. The giggles that happen during this drill make me laugh every time.

Coaches daughter showing Oliver who's Queen of the field!

Last game, coach giving Oliver an encouraging pat or maybe a shove in the right direction.

Oliver is going to miss his last practice and game so Coach gave Oliver his trophy this weekend. Go Red Dragons!

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