Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Trip to Lopez Island

GrandPop Bruce and Grandma Heidi invited to come stay with them on Lopez Island this month. Heidi's Mom recently remarried and her new, very kind, hubby lets folks like us stay at his home on the island. Lopez is one of the islands in the San Juans and the first stop after taking the ferry from Anacortes, WA. It is beautiful! It took us passing a few cars before we realized that EVERYONE waves to you as you drive by. At first we were thinking they were just chatting with their passengers or pointing at something, nope they were waving. There was the one finger barely raised from the steering wheel wave, the two finger lift wave, the nod, the double two-finger (two fingers from each hand), the salute, etc. It was fun to see how each passing car was going to wave. We lucked out and ended up having two very nice days of weather to explore the island. The first day we headed over a bit earlier than Pop and H so we drove all over the 29.5 square mile island almost covering it's entire 63.3 mile perimeter. We met up with them later and headed to the house which is located right on Fisherman Bay. Once again, I've taken a ton of pictures so I'm going to break the Lopez trip blogging experience into days, day one....

One of my favorite pictures from the trip. My boys on the ferry ride to Lopez.

Bye-bye Anacortes!

One of the first beaches we stopped at was Odlin County Park. All the beaches there are quite rocky, very hard to find a sandy beach.

This kid can ham it up!

My new homestead! Just kidding, but I wish I wasn't.

This is at a spot called agate beach and Joel is recording the sounds of the waves. It was a very different sound. The water moving through and shuffling all of those little rounded rocks made a unique noise.
This is a little bay we found, barely noted on the map, road not marked as clearly as it could be. However, it was a gorgeous little lazy bay. The Brady "Blackie" memorial beach was one of my favorite spots.
This was at a little beach area at one end of Lopez Village.

Sunset from the house...relaxing.

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