Sunday, May 15, 2011

Remember Noah?

Seems that most of my pictures these days are of my youngest. He is with me a lot more and he loves to ham it up for the camera a lot more. Noah is growing up. He comes home, is here for a few minutes, then is off to play with friends. He gives me "the look" when I ask for a hug or kiss when I drop him off late to school (but he still gives them to me so far!). He rarely holds my hand when we are out walking these days. He also doesn't like me sticking the camera in his face and does whatever he can to avoid being photographed. When I get the rare chance to snap a few pictures, I do.

Okay, it's just his feet but it's how the allowed pictures started.

Hi Noah!

My handsome boy, I love you even if you do remind me a lot of my pesky little brother.

I asked him if he would show me some karate moves.

So he showed me these moves. I have no idea what these series of moves, punches, blocks, steps, etc. were called but it was pretty cool.

We went out to drop off some cinnamon rolls to my friend, Jodi this weekend. Her parents let us take the boys down to the cabin and creek. Noah skipped a few rocks then asked when we were coming back.

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