Friday, July 29, 2011


My sister is in town taking care of some horsey business so on her way through she dropped Trevor off at our place. Typical boy behavior has ensued ever since. Play, drive each crazy, play, get into trouble, all know what I'm talking about. Lots of energy running around this house. The boys wanted to go swimming yesterday so when Shana stopped by, in between horse chores, we packed them up and took them to the park.

Goggles? Check! Swim trunks? Check! Flippers? Check!

Looks like a meeting to plan their next move.

Apparently, my child has no joints!

(Insert Jaws theme here)

This picture does not do this scene justice. It looked as though he had been eaten by tube monsters and he was struggling to break free from it's jaws. Shana and I were totally cracking up!

Noah, in the green, Trevor, in the orange, chasing after Oliver. Silly boys.

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Janet said...

HOW FUN WAS THIS?!?!? It looks like a blast! Now where are the mom pics??!! LOL