Friday, July 01, 2011

Sun Means Water

No matter how little the sun shows itself around here, as soon as it peaks around a cloud the boys insist that it is hot and MUST play in the water. They are serious too, it's a matter a life or death, just ask them. This a week or so ago, maybe even two, they pestered until I caved.

Oliver calling the shots and if any of you KNOW my boy, this shouldn't be a surprise at all.

You know you want to run through it too!

My hydrangea loving the sun too and going through a nice growth spurt.

My budding scientist made an underwater viewer. A small cone with the large end covered in plastic wrap. It acted like goggles and let him see into the water/bucket.


So that budding scientist that I mentioned above, well he is going to be upset with me when I tell you that he ended up getting stuck in this bucket. That's my boy!

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