Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Look Familiar?

Took the boys hiking the other day to Wahclella Falls in the gorge. The trail head is easy to get to and the hike is only 2 miles round-trip. It's not too hard, I would say easy, with a bit of an incline. You need a NW Forest Pass (available at any ranger station or REI) or just pay the fee when you park. We've been here before and I've posted pictures but it's too pretty not to share some of the new images.

First glimpse of the falls from the trail.

I am, honestly, not sure how this happened but I'm glad it did. They climbed up onto a rock and were looking at the falls.

I love this place.

Rocks to climb up onto and explore.

And to practice their mountain goat skills on!

There is a little area that is great to stop and play. The boys can wade, throw rocks, climb around and have a snack. This view is upstream.

This view is downstream.

Hello little fern.

Quick glance back as we make our way back.

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